Over the years we have seem many changes in respect of the use of ribbons, over the last couple of years in particularly the variety of promotional uses utilizing ribbons has grown and grown. These now include but are not limited to, packaging on food items as well as gift goods, swing tags ona wide range of clothing products not just higher end items, POS ( point of sale) merchandising, shop displays and Shop window enhancements.

Whilst many of these uses are more familiar to multiple outlet sites, chains and large brands we are starting to see a lot of smaller and independent businesses utilize this media to great effect and in some cases do so very effectively on only a small budget.

This was illustrated to us on a recent trip to Shrewsbury, when we spotted a shop window using what looked like a 7mm wide satin ribbon in a small selection of colours strug out across the window at various opossing angles. This gave a great effect and drew the eye to the window. It was something a little different and nice to see on a smaller store front.

We have posted an image of the window here, which was taken with a camera phone so please excuse all the reflections and image quality, but we think it still catches the effect quite well.