Christmas Ribbons

  1. Christmas Afternoon Tea and Ribbon Wreath Workshop

    Christmas Afternoon Tea and Ribbon Wreath Making Workshop

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  2. Christmas Ribbon Fir Cones

    Ribbon Fir Cone

    A Great Christmas Ribbon Project

    This Ribbon Fir Cone makes a great Christmas Decoration, its visually attractive and relatively easy to make. The over all appearance can be changed dramatically by altering the type and style of ribbon used from a lame to a scalloped edged cotton a grosgrain or a tartan. There's something for everyone!

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  3. Christmas Ribbons Information - December

    With December here and Christmas approaching ever faster we thought that we would post some questions and answers that we are being asked a lot at the moment in the hope that this page might give you the information and insight that you are looking for quickly.

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  4. Solving Christmas Ribbon & Wrapping Issues

    The range of Christmas ribbons available can be quite over welling especially at this time of year !

    So we have come up with a couple of ideas to help give our customers some help and direction when looking to buy ribbons for packaging and how to use up those annoying Christmas Ribbon remnants. 

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  5. Enhancing Your Packaging With A Double Satin Ribbon Border

    Some ideas that we have recently explored here at simply ribbons utilizing various double satin ribbons and printed ribbons have had some great and surprising visual effects. We thought that we would take a few minutes to share these.

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  6. Create A Simple Candle Embellishment

    Here's a great idea for enhancing the plainest of objects and changing them to become an attractive focal point to suite the time of year. In the example we used here we have themed for Christmas. But by changing and using a different selection of colours you could theme these candles for any of the seasons.

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  7. Christmas Ribbons Buyers Guide

    With the Christmas Ribbon Season starting we have been inundated over the past fortnight with pallets of stock arriving from all over Europe. For us the next four months prove to be the busiest period of our trading year as we fulfill orders for festive ribbons coming in to us from a wide variety of companies and clients.

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  8. Ribbon Paper Chains - A Great Idea

    We came across this idea from Berisfords Ribbons one of our largest manufacturers, every year they decorate the entrance hall to there offices with a fantastic display of festive ribbons, garlands and tree. On the last tree we saw they had made some ribbon paper chains out of festive themed ribbons which looked very attractive and was simple and easy to do.

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  9. Sheer Ribbons For An Alternative Christmas Look

    Something a little different here for Christmas Gift Packaging. After spending a large number of hours finding different ways to display our ribbons for seasonal photography we stumbled on combining some of our bright clearance sheer ribbon colours with other decorative ribbons to give a very alternative packaging look.

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