Make Your Own Ribbon Shade

Instructions to Make Your Own Decorative Ribbon Shade

This shade is simple to make and very effective especally when hung outside where the breeze can move the ribbon lengths gently.

We sell all you will need to make this shade in a kit form, alternatively we have listed below the items that you will need to complete this.


Contents Of Kit:

1 Wire ring

70 assorted ribbon lengths

ribbon shade kit contents    ribbon shade


Ribbon Shade Method:

  • Decide how you want to arrange your colours and lay them out to get a regular pattern that will go around the ring. We have cut our ribbon lengths to around 120cm in length as we feel this length works well. The kit supplies the ribbon ready cut.
  • Begin by doubling up a length of ribbon and tying it in to the outside ring with a larks head knot. This is a very easy knot to make. Simply place the looped end of the doubled over ribbon under the ring, then bring the tails up over the hoop and through the ribbon loop and pull to tighten.

ribbon larks head knot stage one

1. Double over ribbon and place loop end under the hoop

 ribbon larks head knot stage two

2. Bring the tails up over the hoop and through the ribbon loop

 ribbon larks head knot stage three

3. Pull the ribbon tails till the knot tightens


finished ribbon larks head knot 

4. Finished larks head ribbon knot


  •  Repeat the ribbon knotting process until the ring is full and complete, this should take approximately 70 lengths of assorted width ribbons.
  • Pull up 24 of the ribbon tails making sure that they are evenly spaced around the ring and gather them together. Tie these together near the top with a length of narrow ribbon.

top knot on ribbon shade\

24 gathered ribbon lengths gathered and tied together.


  • When hanging the shade trim the hanging tails at an angle so that they are all finished in the same direction this will add to the over all effect.
  • If you wish you can decorate around the ring and tie with ivy or seasonal flowers of your choice, this gives a lovely finishing touch.

We would love to see your images of any ribbon shades that you have created, why not mail us a photo or tag us in on our facebook page