Tartan ribbon has always been a popular choice among customer for a very wide range of uses including but not limited to Weddings, Christmas, Gift Ware, Funerals and Crafting to mention just a few.

In a ribbon format there are only a few manufacturers in the UK that we know of that weave these ribbons, some are small bespoke weavers others large companies such as Berisfords Ribbons in Congleton Cheshire. To insure consistency of product we tend to use Tartan Ribbon made by Berisfords Ribbons, the reason that we use them is that we know that they are approved by the Tartan Authority and manufacturer there range of 17 tartans under licence. UK manufacturing means that supply tends to be very consistence with very short out of stock times if at all.

There is a lot of variety of product on the market place at the moment of different qualities, we have even seen a number of popular designs that have been reproduced by printing rather then woven, these means that the ribbon can be left with a white margin and edge to it where the print ends. Therefor be careful when looking at cheap ribbon product.

If you are ever in doubt or cant find the tartan ribbon that you are looking for then we always suggest getting in contact with the tartan authority as they are extremely helpful and can put you in contact with a manufacturer who might well be able to supply the particular tartan ribbon that you are looking for. There web address is : http://www.tartansauthority.com

At Simply Ribbons we stock the following tartan Ribbons all of which can be found on the site in widths from 7mm through to 70mm all of which come supplied on 25m reels. These ribbons as mentioned are all approved by the tartan authority and since they are woven from 100% polyester they can be machine washed, tumble drid and ironed which makes them very versatile for a wide range of uses.

If you need any advise or have any questions with regards to Tartan Ribbon products then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416 or e mail sales@simplyribbons.com