Another major ribbon group is Sheer ribbon, after Satin Ribbon and Grosgrain Ribbon this has to be the next most popular ribbon style. The ribbon appearance is that of a translucent fabric ( it is slightly see through rather then being completely solid) and is normally woven out of Nylon or Polyester which both give the ribbon a high luster look as the light catches it. There are a large number of different qualities of this product, some can be stopped just by sight others you will not notice until you touch them as there can be rough and stiff to the touch. However they all have there uses and place in the market.

As mentioned above and like the satin ribbon the sheer ribbon is available in the general market place in a number of different qualities ranging from budget fabrics up to some high end Swiss woven products. As a general rule of thumb we will only stock Woven edged sheer ribbons in our ranges rather then the cheaper cut edged sheers. We favor this

Ribbon finish as it makes the ribbon more stable and helps to prevent edge fray and helps give a better colour appearance to the ribbon, this is our personal view, other people might view it differently.

Again like the Satin Ribbons the Sheer ribbons come a huge range of both patterned and plain styles.

Among the Patterned sheers some are printed and others are woven, where woven the ribbon is normally woven to feature other styles of ribbon running as feature lines along or across the ribbon which can give some great texture effects, in our view some of the Swiss made ribbons have utilizes this to great effect. A favourite of our has been the twilight ribbon by Kuny which is a sheer ribbon with a narrow line of velvet woven down the middle of the sheer which gives a great textural effect to the ribbon as well as a lovely handle.

On the printed front one of our most popular sheer products over recent months has been sheer ribbon with printed hearts and sheer ribbon with polka dots. Both designs are proving popular for wedding favors and card makers alike. The range of options on the printed Sheer ribbon is growing quickly and there are bound to be yet more exciting designs to emerge this year. This style of sheer ribbon is one that we see growing across a lot of different market places now, at one time we supplied this manly to the crafting sector however this is now getting a good foothold in to the gift ware and packaging sectors as well as the wedding ribbon market.

Within our 2015 ranges we are offering a high end sheer ribbon from Berisfords Ribbons which is very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of uses including clothing, cake decorating and crafting. As well as a budget offering from Shindo and Colour Ribbons which is aimed more at the craft and Floral markets. Bother ranges are nice quality products that we feel have attractive price points and offer value for money.

If you have any questions with regards to shear ribbons, or if you cant find the type of sheer that you are looking for on our site then please feel free to contact us at anytime. As always we will be only to pleased to help you with your ribbon inquiry. Our customer care time can be reached on 01691 780416 or at