Christmas Ribbon Paper Chains Something A Little Different

We came across this idea from Berisfords Ribbons one of our largest manufacturers, every year they decorate the entrance hall to there offices with a fantastic display of festive ribbons, garlands and tree. On the last tree we saw they had made some ribbon paper chains out of festive themed ribbons which looked very attractive and was simple and easy to do.

However they also came up with this design which uses bright plain colours in the double satin as well as complementing colours in the polka dot ribbon to make a ribbon chain worthy of celebrating any event, we love this and wanted to share the idea with you all.

A number of our customers have tried this idea, but have used the ribbon selection from our Christmas Ribbon Bundle as this has given them a wide selection of 100 different festive ribbons in three metre lengths, and has generated some great results. We have posted a link to our Christmas Bundle section here. Christmas Ribbon Bundles.

If decide to try out this idea we would love to see any photo's that you might have of the finished Ribbon Chains.