Velvet Ribbon Is the Must Have Item !

Velvet seems to have taken over in the fashion industry over the last few months with London and Paris shows featuring a number of garments from leading couture houses made from various forms of velvet.

This has transcended to the high street clothes stores and the interior shops with many items now featuring velvet materials. As a direct result of the resurgence of this plush fabric we have been inundated for stocks of our Berisfords Swiss made velvet ribbon which is available in a massive 74 colour ways and five popular widths.

However this fabric is a high quality ribbon and now comes on a 5m make up as well as much larger industrial reels, ranging from 150m to 70m. however unfortunately these reel sizes do not suit everyone's needs or pockets.

As a result we have been looking for an alternative which we can run along side our current premium velvet ribbon.

velvet ribbons

Mid Range Velvet Ribbon Is Here...

I'm pleased to announce that we have now been able to fill this gap and our mid range Velvet Ribbon is now here and in stock!

This ribbon much like the Berisfords product is made in Europe rather then the Far East and is a nice quality ribbon with a soft handle to the fabric and not to much of a high shine to the appearance that some of the Far Eastern imports can be guilty of.

Our new offering comes in a choice of four widths including a very narrow 3.5mm width which a number of our customers have requested for some time. Other widths available in this range of ribbon are 10mm - 15mm & 20mm

3.5mm velvet ribbon in navy 3.5mm velvet ribbon in wine

( Above as two of the new shades in our 3.5mm wide velvet ribbon range)

All of these widths come on the very popular 10m reel Size. The 3.5mm is the exception to this as this narrow ribbon comes on a much larger 25m reel which offers exceptional value for money.

This we feel is a reel alternative to our premium velvet range and one that we hope you enjoy the price and quality of.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this new ribbon.