Some ideas that we have recently explored here at simply ribbons utilizing various double satin ribbons and printed ribbons have had some great and surprising visual effects. We thought that we would take a few minutes to share these.


Whilst some of the new printed designs on the latest ribbons are bright and fun, most are being launched by manufacturers in narrower widths such as 15mm. When looking to use these for embellishing a parcel, it can look a little lost! We have found that by running a length of Double Satin Ribbon under the feature ribbon but in wider width and in a contrasting colour it really makes the printed ribbon pop and lifts it completely to give a much enhanced effect. In essence it creates a feature boarder around the narrower printed ribbon.

The image below helps illustrate this with the use of a 25mm wide Shindo Double Satin Ribbon in a bright green under the bright Pink Let's Party ribbon which is available in a 15mm width. These two coupled with the plain paper really transform the look of the package !

This look has then been further enhanced by introducing some contrasting textures as well such as the use of the Pink Barley Twist Cord and to give the parcel an alternative festive look we have even stuck a bright pink Christmas Decoration on to the bow on the package as well to give an alternative festive twist.

The image below on the right shows how the same technique can be used with a different style of printed ribbon in this case a wider 25mm Christmas Sleigh Ride Ribbon with a 38mm wide double satin ribbon underneath it. These ribbon colours are both more subtle yet the red boarder works well and stops the natural coloured feature ribbon being lost against the brown paper parcel.

These are just a couple of low cost ideas that make a huge visual difference, we hope that they are of help.