Christmas Ribbon Garlands

Full Length Ribbon Garland

These great ribbon garlands are great and were made by Julie in our office the other evening. I’m told that they took here two hours from start to finish and that included sneak peaks at the telly at the same time!

These are a lovely festive addition to any home and are so versatile as they can be bespoke to meet your own requirements by the addition of bells, baubles candy canes or what ever takes your fancy. We couldn't believe how easy they were to make and as a result thought that we would publish our version of the instructions below for you all.

The garlands shown in the images here are both two metres long.

Items needed to make wreath

To make these you will need;

2.3m of Barley twist cord or similar thick cord, ours is 5mm thick

200 x 15cm long lengths of assorted ribbons, you can use long lengths if you prefer which will make the Garland more bushy.

1m of string or 3mm ribbon or similar

Assortment of decorations to add to the garland

If you have not got these items spare then we have put some kits together that contain of these, these can be found at: 

Red Kit Link Click Here                                                                         Gold and Silver Kit Link Click Here

red themed ribbon garlandgold and silver ribbon garland kit












Looped barley twist cord

1) To start with take your cord and form a loop at the end then with the string or narrow                  ribbon tie the loop so that it is secure and wind the string / ribbon over the end to give a firm reinforced finish, this does not need to be to neat as it wont be very visible when your garlands complete.

2) Repeat this at the other end of the cord as well. You will use these loops to hang your garland with so reinforcing them with the string just helps if you are planning to add heavier accessories to your finished garland.

3) work out the order you would like your ribbon lengths to appear on your garland. It may be worth while laying a few out first on the table and try some colour combinations. When your happy with the look that these create these take the first length and tie this to the cord starting close to the loop at one end. We have tied our with a simple cross over literally as if we were tying the first part of a shoe lace. So cross the two ends of the ribbon over each other then pass one end through the gap between them and pull both ends to tighten. Once attached to the cord you should be able to slide this slightly, which makes them easier to position.Knotted ribbons on the garland

4) Repeat this process and when tied push the second ribbon tight up to the first. Keep adding the ribbon lengths in the same method until you have filled the cord with ribbons. These should be tight against each other with no cord visible between the ribbon knots and should take about 200 lengths to cover 2m of cord. You can then twist and tighten any ribbons till you get the desired look.

5) To finish off simply work out where you would like to adorn your garland with bells or baubles and fix these on. On our garland we have added these using some lurex string and some coloured string for the bells but you can use whatever you like there is no wrong or right to this what ever you feel works for the look your creating.

Your garland is now ready to hang, it’s as simple as that!

We hope you have enjoyed making this project and would love to hear your thoughts and see any photo's of your finished items. 

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact us at any time and we will be only to pleased to help in any way we can.

Happy Garland Making

From The Simply Ribbons Team !