Why Not Make your Own Ribbon Fir Cones?

Looking for a craft project that's not too difficult yet will create some stunning effects? You could do a lot worse then try this great Ribbon Fir Cone project.

This was first brought to our attention by Sionedd Hughs our NAFAS Flower Demonstrator who made some for one of our local shows and immediately sold us on this idea.

Listed below are our instructions on how to make them and what you will need, we have tried to make these directions as clear and as straight forward as possible. However if you have any questions then please feel free to contact us at any time on 01691 780416.

Ribbon Fir Cone

Ribbon Fir Cone Instructions 

Items Needed:                                        

  1. Polystyrene Egg Shape
  2. Reel Of Your Chosen Ribbon
  3. Pack Of Sequin Pins
  4. Scissors
  5. Iron


This project can create some stunning result and is simple to complete once you get started. Once finished why not experiment with different style ribbons for some great effects.



1) Take your ribbon and cut in to squares of equal sizes, you might want to cut a couple of different size pieces to start with to see which works best for you.


2) Take your ribbon square and fold the two top corners down to the middle of the bottom edge, as if making a paper airplane. You might want to use an iron to press the ribbon so that it holds this shape.

bottom of fir cone egg with first row fixed


3) Cut a square of ribbon wide enough to cover the very bottom of the egg and secure in to place over the bottom of the egg (the pointy end) using the sequin pins.


4) With your first two triangle pieces fix them to the bottom of the polystyrene egg using the pins.

Attach them to the egg by pinning the two corners of the triangle so that the bottom point of each triangle touches each other on the bottom of the egg these should be positioned opposite each other. ( see Image)

5) Then fill the space either side with another triangle. This forms your first row.


6) Start the next row and overlap the triangle pieces in row one first by about 50% (half ways).  Then fill in the gaps in this second row with more pieces making sure that the points of these pieces finish level with the ones that you have just fixed. (see Second Image)

First few rows on egg cone

7) Work your way up the egg repeating this process.

8) Before you get to the top of the egg, cut another square of ribbon to cover the very top and pin it in place making sure that no unfinished edges are left showing. Then continue your rows and finish them when you feel happy your cone looks complete.

 9) Once you have covered as much of the egg as you wish with triangle ribbons you might want to finish off the very top by covering any joints with a ribbon bow and hanging loop made from contrasting ribbon and fixed again with pins.

Now your egg should be complete!

Why not try different types of ribbon with contrasting textures and colours as these create some wonderfully rich finishes, one of our favourites is velvet ribbon, this is also very easy to use!